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About Us

Quintezz offers you a wide range of products, from normal radar and laser detectors to plug & play GPS warning systems / speed detection systems. The range also includes a multifunctional camera solution with rear vision system which ensures more visibility when driving a large vehicle.

Our dedication to continuously develop products which improve safety on the road, has resulted in a completely new product line focused on automotive lighting for cars and trucks.Poor visibility is one of the most frequent cases of accidents on the road. That is why conventional light bulbs are often replaced by bulbs which have longer lifetime, lower energy consumption and which provide more brightness, like LED bulbs, halogen or xenon lights. Quintezz offers a wide range of high quality automotive lighting solutions to customize the interior and exterior lighting of your car or truck. Quintezz will definitely shine a light on your driving experience.

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Quintezz is committed to making its products available to you through a worldwide network of partners.  They are geographically close to you, they know your business and your employees, and they are experts!

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