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Article 1. Object

This user agreement contains the stipulations and conditions applicable on the use of information and services offered on this website. The user of the website and the services/products offered on the site is thought to have given his consent on the stipulations of this user agreement. Quintezz preserves the right to change at all time this user agreement, as well as all other terms and conditions presented on the website.

Article 2. Responsibility

Quintezz cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or shortcomings in the information mentioned on the website. This also applies for information put on the site by Quintezz as well as information provided by its users.

Incorrect information or shortcomings on the Quintezz site do not give any right on a financial compensation Quintezz is not responsible for any suffered direct, indirect or accidental damage, loss of profit or whatever caused damage to its users or third parties caused by its negligence or forgetfulness in providing, compiling, assembling, writing and interpreting information.

Quintezz explicitly offers its website 'as it is'. For its technical realization the most advanced techniques are used. Nevertheless, Quintezz cannot be held responsible for the (temporal and possible) malfunctioning of the system.

Quintezz is not responsible for links referring to websites that are run by third parties. Quintezz does not control any of these websites and subsequently does not accept any responsibility for their content. The registration of these links does not imply that Quintezz approves all elements on these websites and does not necessarily imply a co-operation between Quintezz and the owners of these websites.

The information on the website is changed periodically. Quintezz preserves the right to carry through improvements and/or changes to the website at any given moment.

Article 3. Intellectual property and copyright

The user acknowledges explicitly that the provided information on the website (texts, graphical elements, images, documents, databases...) are and stay property of Quintezz and its respective owners.

Nothing from the site is allowed be used for reproduction, adaptation, distribution, sales, publication or commercial objectives without preceding written permission of Quintezz. It is also forbidden or to use information for illegal objectives.

The databases offered on this site are protected by the intellectual property laws and especially by the terms of the law of 31 August 1998 concerning the protection of databases.

Quintezz is a registered trademark of TE-Group NV. All other other brands and product names appearing on this website are trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.

Article 4. Privacy regulation and protection of the personal atmosphere

Quintezz collects personal information which is necessary to guarantee an optimal operation of the website, to further optimize our service offer or to offer user personalized services. Quintezz can use this information for commercial actions and/or messages. Quintezz binds itself never to provide these data to a third party without the explicit permission of the person involved.

Quintezz also collects information in log files. This information is used for internal objectives, such as a traffic and profile analysis in order to further optimize the offer of services on the website.

Quintezz may make use of 'cookies' (little pieces of information saved on the hard disk in order to simplify the use of the website). Changes to the Privacy Regulation of Quintezz are possible at all times but will be informed to the user through the website.

In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 for the protection of the personal atmosphere, all data filled out on our site by the user is reported on request and is, if the user wishes this, corrected for free within a reasonable period of time. Quintezz is responsible for the processing, saving and administration of these personal data. Only those wishing to receive our information, will be registered in our database. To be eliminated from the database it is sufficient to send us an E-mail. The user has at all time the possibility to look at his personal data on simple request. The user has at all time the possibility to appeal against the use of his data for direct marketing objectives.

Article 5. Proof and Applied Jurisdiction

The Belgian jurisdiction is applied. Both parties acknowledge that their electronical communication is of legal value as written evidence. In case of dispute or disagreement only the court of Antwerp is authorized.