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HD Dashcam: How to set the Quintezz HD Dashcam back to factory default?

  1. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  2. Turn the Dashcam ON (or use it with the car charger in your car).
  3. When recording is started turn it OFF.
  4. Press on MENU.
  5. Press on MODE.
  6. Use the Down button to go to "RESET ALL".
  7. Press the OK/RECORD button on top of the Dashcam (next to the ON/OFF button).
  8. Press the OK/RECORD button once again.
  9. Press the MENU button for confirmation.
  10. Now your Dashcam is set to factory defaults again.
  11. Please also FORMAT your own SD card using the HD Dashcam menu.
  12. You are ready!