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Outdoor Eco-Motion Light: why did the lamp already turn off during night (instead of at dawn controlled by the light sensor)?l

Please keep in mind when mounting the Eco Motion lamp that the solar cells require as
much DIRECT SUNLIGHT (at least 4~8 hours) as possible. The longer the solar cells are exposed to direct sunlight, the longer the lamp will stay ON during night!

Mounting location:
When located in a place that receives less sunlight the lamp will operate for fewer hours per night than expected. Nightly run times may also vary depending on how clear the sky is on any given day. Insufficient battery charging will affect performance and will result in the fact that the lamp may turn off earlier than dawn because the battery was not fully charged.
To the greatest extent possible, the solar module should be aimed to the southern sky in order to maximize exposure to direct sunlight. Keep in mind that during the 4 different seasons the lamp's burning time is affected due to this time of the year and the sun's angle in these 4 periods.