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Chester harness + camera fixation

Chester harness + camera fixation
Chester harness + camera fixation partsChester harness + camera fixation bag

Follows all your personal actions, thanks to an adjustable design that fits easily over all body shapes and sizes. Provides low-action footage filming your knees, arms, etc. Features and easy-to-close fastener to keep the harness and camera secure and in place. Can be used for nearly every single adventure!

  • Fully-adjustable design: fits all shapes and sizes comfortably
  • Perfect for all sports where you need your hands/arms such as: skiing, kayaking, biking, motocross, equestrian and other action sports
  • With quick release function: easy to attach and remove the camera, so perfect to use along with other mounts
  • Made of superior, lightweight/waterproof nylon fabrics and plastics

Specially designed for Guardo. All parts included.

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24,95 €

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