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Hot shoe mount

Hot shoe mount

With the Guardo Hot Shoe Mount adapter, you can combine your Guardo camera with any DSLR-camera or camcorder and use them at the same time.
By using an extra action camera, you get an additional wide-angle shot of a scene from the same perspective as your main camera or you can shoot multiple takes at once.

This Guardo mount gives your video's that extra bit of punch! With a bit of imagination and combined with a  tripod adapter mount, you can even mount the Guardo LED light on top of your camera to help illuminate your subjects.

  • Fits into most SLR or camera hot shoes
  • Compatible with all standard Guardo and Go Pro mounts
  • Lightweight aluminium foot with ¼" screw thread
  • With lock function wheel
  • Safety screw included
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€ 7,95

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