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Surfboard PRO Mount with camera fixation and safety pad + 3M Electrical Tape

Surfboard pro mount+...
Surfboard pro mount+... partsSurfboard pro mount+...

The ultimate waterproof surfboard Mount for pro surfers. With a worry-free safety pad for extreme holding strength! Perfect for boats, kayaks and other gear where maximum holding strenght is necessary. All parts included.

Mounting tips:

  • Apply the tape 24 hours before use
  • Make sure the surface you want to apply the tape on is smooth: the tape will not adhere properly on an embossed or poreus surface.
  • Clean and dry the surface before application. Any cleaner that will not leave a film or oily surface can be used! Press the tape entirely and firmly into place!
  • Remove the tape by applying heat (e.g. from a hairdryer)!
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€ 24,95

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