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Aquapod stick

Aquapod stick

The Guardo Aquapod Stick is an extendable (36-62 cm) underwater monopod stick, compatible with all Guardo Camera's.
You can use the Aquapod as a selfie stick or extend the height to get an overhead shot, or to capture footage from hard to reach spots.

The pole is transparent, blends into the background and becomes almost invisible when filming underwater !

A durable rubber grip provides a non-slip surface for holding the stick and a wrist wrap is included to help prevent accidental loss during fast-motion activities. Should you still lose grip of your Aquapod anyway, you won't have any problem finding it back. It floats!

The  Aquapod stick is very lightweight and super easy to use. Just twist & lock your camera into place!

  • Compatible with all Guardo and Go Pro Camera's.
  • Rubber grip and wrist strap included
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€ 34,95

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